Virgilijus Vaičiūnas is Art Creator of Lithuania, architect, sculptor.Quite ordinary art of god-carving is well-known in our country since old times. This traditional art in Virgilijus Vaičiūnas’ creation acquires new features of modernism of 20th century. Christ is depicted in unusual forms and proportions, it’s concentrated on his eyes and glance. Lady Mary takes the character of Lithuanian woman, she is with her young Son, The Pensive Christ has such abstract forms that it’s impossible to right away recognize him. V.Vaičiūnas often oversteps the bounds of god-carving creation, not only by renewing Samogitian pagan deities. It’s extremely necessary for him to create secular sculptures that embody philosophical spring. These sculptures don’t evade features that are characteristic of folk art. At the same time they reveal author’s ability of professionally combining peculiarities of the tree and creative flight of imagination. Everything here is well-considered – elegant lines, size, strength and non-durability of the tree with respect to time. He created a wide range of home utensils that are also unusual, dictated by artist’s fantasy.Diplomaed architect Virgilijus Vaičiūnas worked in Skuodas and other places of Samogitia.He has given himself up to carving and creation since 1990. From the book Virgilijus Vaičiūnas. “Miracles hewn out of the wood” Rita Kubilienė.

Creation of Virgilijus Vaičiūnas is marked for its aspiration to unconventionality and originality, distinct artistic expression, excellent knowledge of carving technique.
Art critic Petras Šmitas

I’m not astonished by sensation of architectonics of sculptures as their author has studied it. However, “catching” and rendering of the feeling and mood, forming at the same time spatial surroundings of the sculpture creates harmony that is accessible not for any gifted man but I dare to consider - for very gifted…

Rita Bočiulytė, "Klaipėda"